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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Farmington vs Michigan Rovers Photo Album

Farmington (in blue) battled the Michigan Rovers (in yellow) on Wednesday night in Berkley!

Farmington came into Wednesday's contest undefeated on the season!

The Rovers played Farmington tough, and kept the game close!

#16 Adam Nowak (4 goals this season) waits for his opportunity to make a difference for the Rovers!

Everyone got involved in Wednesday nights action!

Both teams were able to pass the ball efficiently!


It was a defensive battle at Hurley Field! 

Farmington was victorious over the Rovers 2-1.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

MUSL Battle in Berkley!

On Wednesday night, the Michigan Rovers battled Farmington in a MUSL divisional game at Hurley Field!

     On Wednesday night, the Michigan Rovers battled Farmington in a Michigan United Soccer League (MUSL) matchup at Hurley Field.  Both teams are divisional rivals, and play in the MUSL's (over 40) 3rd West Division along with six other teams.  Farmington came into Wednesday's contest undefeated in divisional play, and their winning streak continued after defeating the Michigan Rovers 2-1.  #16 Adam Nowak missed on an opportunity to tie the score late in the game, when he barely missed wide right on a breakaway scoring attempt.  Nowak proceeded to lie on the grass on his stomach in a disgusted manner.
     Farmington is owned and operated by Mark Lumley, and are currently in 1st place in the MUSL's (over 40) 3rd West Division with 15 points, and an overall record of 5-0.  Scott Hilden leads Farmington in scoring with 4 goals on the season, while Scott Parker has added 3 goals.  Robert Gibbs, and Robert Milligan have also scored 2 goals each for Farmington.  Farmington has also advanced to the (over 40 3rd, and 4th Division) Founders Cup Championship Game, and will face  River Plate (40) on August 11th for the Cup.
     The Michigan Rovers are owned and operated by Andrew Norton, and are currently in 3rd place in the MUSL's (over 40) 3rd West Division with 12 points, and an overall record of 4-3.  The Rovers are lead in scoring this season by #16 Adam Nowak, and Paul Cefai with 4 goals each.  The Michigan Rovers were eliminated by SC 1924 UV in the first round of the (over 40 3rd, and 4th Division) Founders Cup Tournament by a score of 3-1.               

Farmington (in blue) stayed undefeated in the MUSL after defeating the Michigan Rovers 2-1.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Local Wrestling Tournament Bracket!

The brackets are finally revealed!

                       Mitten State Sports Report's Local Wrestling Virtual (64 man) Tournament!

                                                       Your Votes Decide Who Wins!

                                               OT - means that the match went to overtime
                                               #Number- represents seeding in the tournament

                               Malcolm Monroe Region winner vs. The Original Sheik Region winner
                                   Scott D'Amore Region winner vs. Tommy Star Region winner

                                                         4 Play-In Match Results!

The Original Sheik Region

  #12 El Toro
                                                                     #12 El Toro
  #12 Mike Marvel

Malcolm Monroe Region

   #13 Levi Blue
                                                                        #13 Moe Dread
   #13 Moe Dread

Scott D'Amore Region

    #14 The B.U.G.
                                                                          #14 F.I.A.
    #14 F.I.A.

Tommy Star Region

#15  "Handsome" Johnny Bradford"
                                                                              OT (overtime) #15 Jimmy Whiplash
#15  Jimmy Whiplash

                                                          Malcolm Monroe Region

#1   Rhino
   (Rhino Richards)                                     #1 Rhino
#16  A.T. Huck                                          (Rhino Richards)

                                                                                                                                 #1 Rhino
                                                                                                                                (Rhino Richards)

#8   N8 Mattison
     (Amazing N8)                                       #9 Keith Calhoun
#9  Keith Calhoun                                            "Kamikaze"

#4  Darrell Jackson
       "The Prodigy"                                     #13 Moe Dread
#13  Moe Dread

                                                                                                                              #6 Roughhouse R.O.B.

#6   Roughhouse R.O.B.
                                                                   #6 Roughhouse R.O.B.
#11  Truth Martini

#5   Corporal Robinson
                                                                     #5 Corporal Robinson
#12  Atlas Hightower

                                                                                                                      OT-          #3 T.D.
                                                                                                                                (TaDarius Thomas)
#3   T.D.
   (TaDarius Thomas)                                   #3 T.D.
#14  Bill Martel                                          (TaDarius Thomas)

#7   Lou Crank
                                                                        #10 Bill Scullion
#10  Bill Scullion                                                  "Bloody"

                                                                                                                                         #2 D.B.A.
                                                                                                                               (Malcolm Monroe Jr.)
#2   D.B.A.
 (Malcolm Monroe Jr.)                                    #2 D.B.A.
#15  Mike "The Fight" White                       (Malcolm Monroe Jr.)

                                                   The Original Sheik Region

#1   Sabu
                                                                         #1 Sabu                                    
#16  Andrew Lee

                                                                                                                                    #1 Sabu

#8   Roderick Street
                                                                         #9 Mad Dragon
#9   Mad Dragon                                                 (Hakim Zane)
      (Hakim Zane)

#4   Great Akuma
      (Ken Kane)                                                #4 Great Akuma
#13  Drunk the Clown                                           (Ken Kane)

                                                                                                                 2OT-   #11 Paul Bowser

#6   Mike Gjoka
                                                                        #11 Paul Bowser
#11  Paul Bowser

#5   Movado
     (half of Bump-N-Uglies)                             #5 Movado
#12  El Toro                                                   (half of Bump-N-Uglies)

                                                                                                                              #5 Movado
                                                                                                                     (half of Bump-N-Uglies)
#3   Kongo Kong
                                                                         #3 Kongo Kong
#14  Bryan Castle

#7   Dragon Kreed
      (Dragon Greed)                                         #10 Gideon Malice
#10  Gideon Malice                                               (Butler Jeeves)

                                                                                                                              #15 Shaffee

#2   Eddie Venom
                                                                         #15 Shaffee
#15  Shaffee

                                                          Scott D'Amore Region

#1   Petey Williams
                                                              #1 Petey Williams
#16  Shaggy "2 Dope"

                                                                                                                                #1 Petey Williams

#8   Jamie Coxx
                                                              #8 Jamie Coxx
#9  Armando Diablo

#4   Caleb Stills (Gutter)
                                                               #4 Caleb Stills
#13  Josh Raymond                                      (Gutter)

                                                                                                                                #4 Caleb Stills
#6  "GQ" Gavin Quinn
                                                                #11 Tommy Treznik
#11  Tommy Treznik                                 "The Mad Scientist"
     "The Mad Scientist"

#5   Steve Rivera
                                                         OT- #12 Vinnie Scarboni
#12  Vinnie Scarboni

                                                                                                                                #3 Jimmy Jacobs

#3   Jimmy Jacobs
                                                                  #3 Jimmy Jacobs                                           
#14  F.I.A.                                                                                                                                           
 (Frank Isaac Anderson)

#7  2 Tuff Tony
                                                                  #10 Ian Decay
#10  Ian Decay

                                                                                                                               #2 Michael Elgin

#2   Michael Elgin
                                                                 #2 Michael Elgin
#15  Violent J.

                                                              Tommy Star Region

#1   Breyer Wellington
         "Richie Boy"                                     #1 Breyer Wellington
#16  Metro Man                                             "Richie Boy"

                                                                                                                            #1 Breyer Wellington
                                                                                                                                 "Richie Boy"
#8  Kid Hybrid
   (Chris McGinnis)                                     #8 Kid Hybrid
#9  Mike Kelley                                           (Chris McGinnis)

#4  Cameron Sky
                                                                    #4 Cameron Sky
#13 Willie Watts

                                                                                                                              #4 Cameron Sky

#6   Tyler Elkins
     "The Caveman"                             OT- #6 Tyler Elkins
#11  Mr. Insanity                                          "The Caveman"

#5   Chaz Montana
         (Jeff Brooks)                                      #5 Chaz Montana
#12  J. Miller                                                    (Jeff Brooks)

                                                                                                                              #3 Big Chuck Wagon

#3   Big Chuck Wagon
                                                                    #3 Big Chuck Wagon
#14  Sonny Scarboni

#7   Phil Atlas
                                                                   #10 Austin Mannix
#10  Austin Mannix

                                                                                                                                #2 Zach Gowen

#2   Zach Gowen
                                                                    #2 Zach Gowen
#15 Jimmy Whiplash

                                                       Who Didn't Qualify?

     Several talented wrestlers have either come from Michigan, or have wrestled in Michigan, and wrestle on a national, or even a global level.  The following list of wrestlers did not qualify for the tournament due to their insufficient amount of consistent local matches scheduled.

 Alex Shelley       Chris Hero       Chris Able        "Mad Man" Pondo    Gregory Iron      Homicide

 Chris Sabin         CJ Parker         Colt Cabana   The Necro Butcher   The Ring Rydas     D Ray 3000

 Eugene          New Jack      Axl Rotten      Tracey Smothers       Tommy Dreamer    Coltin Delaney    

 Shane Douglas             Chris Daniels            Greg "The Hammer Valentine              Virgil

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake      Jay Lethal       CM Punk      Bull Pain

                                    George "The Animal" Steele was to old to compete!

  Although there is much talent in the local Diva division, female wrestlers did not qualify for the tournament!  Here are some of the top Divas who are either from our local area, or have wrestled in our local area!

Mena Libra     K.C. Warfield       Arella Angel      Randy West     Isabella  Smothers      Sybil Star

Leah Van Dutch        Jasmine      Xandra Bale        Seliziya Sparkx    Chelsea Marie     Mz. Hyde

                                                   Whose Bubble Burst?

     The following list of wrestlers found themselves on the outside looking in, after the Mitten State Sports Report's Local Wrestling (64 man) Virtual Tournament was unveiled! 

The Aztec Warrior     Kris Korvis         Jacob Brawn    The Creep                 Mike McMahon   

Mathew Priest            Weed Man          Lance Star      Johnny Delicious        Tony Banks

Dave Manzo          The Dark Star Logan     Crimson     William O'Malley       Ded Vaughn

Andy Muscat         Johnny Rebel       Kris Chambers      Benjamin Boone        Pounder Patterson
Corey Bentley        Curtis Spade             Gunner Franks    Jason Harris           Rave Killbourne

The Suicyco's (Slasher and Overkill)          Bad Company (tag team)              Yellow Dog

The Painkillers (tag team)        Owen Traverse        "Irish" Mickey Doyle        Mr. Italy

Tim Horner Jr.        Wreckingball                Brian Gorie (referee)           Corky Robinson (referee)   

Slick Rick         Peter B. Beautiful         "Shoeless" Tyler Jackson         Rex Renegade

Super Yooper     Darkchild    Judge Jesse   Dysfunction    The Scarboni "Pizza Delivery " Guy

Canadian Destroyer      Nemesis      Mayhem      Ricky James      Corey Prosser     Nytemare

Midnight Ryders (tag team)

                               Here are some of the local promotions represented in the tournament!

XICW Detroit (Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling)  click on

Clash Pro Wrestling   click on

PWAS (Pro Wrestling All-Stars)  click on

MCWA (Michigan Championship Wrestling Association)  click on

TWA (Takedown Wrestling Alliance)  click on

JCW (Juggalo Championship Wrestling) (dormant)

MPW (Metro Pro Wrestling)

BCWA (Blue Collar Wrestling Alliance)

ROH (Ring of Honor)  click on

ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) - (dormant)

IWF (Insane Wrestling Federation) - (dormant)

ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) - (dormant)

BWCW (Blue Water Championship Wrestling) - (based in Port Huron)

                                                   Vote and choose who advances!

1.  Log onto the Mitten State Sports Report!

2.  Click on your favorite post!  (This is important in order to view the Poll Question)

3.  Scroll all the way down and locate the Poll Question!

4.  Vote! 

5.  Repeat daily!

      Ties will be decided by an overtime period consisting of 1 half day of extra voting!  Overtime periods will continue if necessary until a winner is decided!

Not everybody was able to make the 64 man final cut!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

UK Royals FC (30) vs LCSC Bullets Photo Album

Bi-Centennial Park in Livonia was the place for last Sunday's MUSL showdown!

The play was physical between these two divisional rivals!

Players struggled to adapt to the heat, and humidity!

Several players took their fair share of tumbles on Sunday!

The game was wide open, and very evenly matched!

Goals were at a premium during Sunday's match!

The UK Royals FC (30) defeated the LCSC Bullets 1-0

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

UK Royals FC (30) defeat LCSC Bullets 1-0

Bi-Centennial Park in Livonia hosted Sunday's MUSL matchup between the UK Royals FC (30) vs the LCSC Bullets!

     The UK Royals FC (30) met up with the LCSC Bullets last Sunday in a Michigan United Soccer League (MUSL) showdown at Bi-Centennial Park in Livonia.  The weather was hot and humid early in the morning, as the temperature was 77 degrees at the start of the game, and 83 degrees by the end.  This was the most competitive MUSL game that I've seen thus far, as both teams played a wide open style with several scoring opportunities.  Both teams seemed to be very evenly matched, and the final score indicated that with the UK Royals FC (30) victorious over the LCSC Bullets by a final score of 1-0. 
     The UK Royals FC (30) are owned and operated by Michael Brown, and are currently tied for 1st place in the over 30 1st Division of the MUSL with 12 points and an overall record of 4-1.  The UK Royals FC (30) are lead in scoring this season by Steve Huber, Adam Heinemann, and Tyler Mehl with two goals each.  The UK Royals FC (30) are still alive in the MUSL Founders Cup Tournament and will play Drita SC (30) in a semi-final match this Sunday (6:30) at Bi-Centennial Park in Livonia.
     The LCSC Bullets are owned and operated by Rick Hamers, and are currently in 4th place in the over 30 1st Division of the MUSL with 7 points and an overall record of 2-2-1.  The LCSC Bullets are lead in scoring by Steve Finneran with 4 goals on the season.  Team owner Rick Hamers has added 2 goals for the LCSC Bullets this season.  The LCSC Bullets are also still alive in the MUSL Founders Cup Tournament, and will play the Carpathia Club in a semi-final match this Sunday (12:00 pm) at the Carpathia Club in Sterling Heights. 

The UK Royals FC (30), and the LCSC Bullets are both still alive in the MUSL Founders Cup Tournament!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

FC Sparta vs FC Buffalo Photo Album

FC Buffalo visited Hurley Field in Berkley last Friday to take on FC Sparta in a NPSL showdown!

FC Sparta's #16 Jacob VanderLaan attempts to shake the defender! 

#37 Mike Leone looks to make something happen for FC Sparta!

FC Buffalo's Asani Samuels dances around FC Sparts defenders!

The game got away from FC Sparta early, and FC Buffalo went to their bench players!

FC Buffalo coach Brendan Wilson congratulates his players!  FC Buffalo was victorious by a score of 4-0

Throw me a water with your good arm?

FC Sparta looks to regroup this Sunday when they host AFC Cleveland at Hurley Field!

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FC Sparta Locker Room Pass!

Only the Mitten State Sports Report can take you deep inside the world of sports and entertainment!

FC Sparta goalie #24 Tyler Yachcik is ready for all of the action! 

FC Sparta's #5 Nicholas Kristock storms out of the locker room!

FC Sparta's #6 Tito Kromah looks to make a difference for the home team!

FC Buffalo's #11 Will Hudson makes his way to the locker room!

FC Sparta's #29 Sean Magee, along with #12 Laurence Patterson make their way onto Hurley Field!

#23 Jesus Ginez leads FC Sparta in scoring with 3 goals on the season!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Pro Soccer in Berkley!

FC Buffalo's #21 Bobby Ross prepares to inbound the ball!

     Last Friday night, professional soccer returned to the city of Berkley for a National Premier Soccer league (NPSL) matchup featuring FC Buffalo against FC Sparta.  This is the inaugural season in the NPSL for FC Sparta; last year they played in Windsor, and were known as the Windsor FC Spartans.  FC Sparta competes in the NPSL's Flights Great Lakes Division against five other clubs along with local rival Detroit City FC.  Detroit City FC plays their home games just down the road at Cass Tech High School in Detroit, and is currently in first place in the NPSL's Great Lakes Division with 21 points, and an overall record of 7-0.  Entering Friday nights contest, FC Sparta was in fourth place in the NPSL's Great Lakes Division with 8 points, and an overall record of 2-5-2.

FC Sparta plays their home games at Hurley Field in Berkley, Michigan!

     FC Buffalo entered Friday nights contest in second place in the NPSL's Great Lakes Division with 18 points and an overall record of 6-1-0.  FC Buffalo took control from the get go, scoring early and often against FC Sparta, shutting them out in a 4-0 final.  Asani Samuels scored a goal and was virtually unstoppable for FC Buffalo, proving why he is an emerging star in the NPSL, and in the world of soccer. 

Asani Samuels blows by FC Sparta defenders before scoring FC Buffalo's second goal of the game!

     Although it has been a struggle at times on the field for FC Sparta this season, I would encourage fans to come check out a game.  General admission was only $5.00, and if the economy has got you feeling frugal, you can view the game from a lawn chair outside the stadium until the ticket vendor leaves (usually at half time).  The food at the concession stands was also really good, and reasonably priced.  If the weather is nice, it's a better option to spend sometime outdoors before summer slips away.  Finally, it's important to support our local professional sports teams or they will simply vanish from existence (see Top Ten Dormant Mitten State Franchises posted on May 3rd, 2013).

     Be sure to check out FC Sparta in their next home game against AFC Cleveland this Sunday night (7:00) at Hurley Field in Berkley.  Hurley Field is located at 48072 Robina, near 11 mile road, and Greenfield road.

Asani Samuels (the tall guy on the right) is an emerging star in the NPSL, and in the world of soccer!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Canton Rangers Defeat Taylor United 7-2

The Canton Rangers and Taylor United combined to score 9 goals!

     On Wednesday night, Michigan United Soccer League (MUSL) action returned to Heritage Park (in Taylor, Michigan) for a divisional showdown between the Canton Rangers and Taylor United.  Both teams compete in the over 40 2nd Division of the MUSL, and both teams have already been eliminated in this years MUSL Founders Cup tournament, both loosing in their respective first round matches (Drita SC 40 8- Taylor United 0, Carpathia Kickers Club 5- Canton Rangers 0).  On Wednesday night, the Canton Rangers scored seven times and defeated Taylor United by a final score of 7-2.
     The Canton Rangers are owned and operated by Patrick Vostal, and are currently in 7th place (of 8 teams) in the over 40 2nd Division with 6 points, and an overall record of 2-4.  Thomas Joseph leads the Canton Rangers (and the over 40 2nd Division) in scoring with 6 goals.  Ibrahim Barakat has added 2 goals on the season for the Canton Rangers.  Taylor United is owned and operated by Khalid Hamodi, and is currently in 4th place in the over 40 2nd Division with 8 points, and an overall record of 2-2-2.  Hassan Hachem leads Taylor United in scoring with 5 goals on the season.
     Heritage Park is located off of Pardee road in between Goddard road, and Northline road in Taylor.  There will not be a photo album of this game following this post.   

The Canton Rangers (in yellow) earned themselves a 7-2 victory over Taylor United (in white) on Wednesday!

Taylor United (in white) is 0-1-1 in their last two divisional matches!


The Canton Rangers hope that Wednesday's victory over Taylor United can help turn their season around!

Both teams were defeated in the first round of this years MUSL Founders Cup Tournament!

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