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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Ultimate Tennis Showdown

     The Ultimate Tennis Showdown is a new tennis league that is scheduled to play their first match on Sunday, June 14th, in Nice, France.  The first Ultimate Tennis Showdown match will feature David Goffin vs. Elliot Benchetrit.  Ten matches will be played each weekend over the coarse of five weekends.  Matteo Berrettini, and Alexei Popyrin are also on the Ultimate Tennis Showdown roster.  The Ultimate Tennis Showdown was created by Patrick Mouratoglou, and Alex Popyrin.  
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-  Patrick Mouratoglou has been the tennis coach of Serena Williams since 2012.

-  Patrick Mouratoglou is also an analyst for ESPN.

-  Ultimate Tennis Showdown matches will be played at the Mouratoglou Academy.

-  Alex Popyrin is the father of Alexei Popyrin.

-  Ultimate Tennis Showdown has not yet announced broadcasting partners.  

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  1. Dustin Brown recently joined the Ultimate Tennis Showdown.

  2. Dustin Brown should be an early favorite to win Ultimate Tennis Showdown.

  3. I watched the Goffin vs. Lopez match yesterday. It was one of the best tennis matches that I've ever seen. It made me want more Ultimate Tennis Showdown.

  4. The Ultimate Tennis Showdown is much different than regular tennis. The scoring is different, and there are 4 quarters in each match.

  5. I like how the Ultimate Tennis Showdown gives players a personality.

  6. The Tennis Channel is televising the Ultimate Tennis Showdown. They show live matches on the weekends.

  7. David Goffin against Dustin Brown today on Ultimate Tennis Showdown. All eyes on tennis!

  8. Dustin Brown did not play yesterday. A substitute filled in for him against Goffin.

  9. Dustin Brown is winless so far in the Ultimate Tennis Showdown. His record is 0-5.